Social NFT certificate

Uniqe delivers to you the NFTs that prove you own your handles on various social media, acting as the link between your public identities and your Ethereum addresses.

How it works

Uniqe helps anybody to identify the creator of a digital piece of works such as videos, music, pictures or articles with social proofs.

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Sign a message with your private keys

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Post the message to your social media

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Link your post to your ethereum address and receive the NFT

Use cases

  • • You are an artist and want to be recognized as the author of your beautiful NFTs collection.
  • • You are a community of researchers or journalists who sign publications and want to prove you are really the ones behind them.
  • • You want a proof that you are a human (not a bot) to use this web3 social platform.
  • • You are a NFTs marketplace and want to fight against fake and cloned collections.
  • • You are a web3 social platform and want to deal with fake accounts and identities.

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Frequently asked questions

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